Lets Go

This is my soon to be step sister, Grace. Shot a 1/30 sec @ f.9 with a D80.



The Chef

This is some of the work that I will be displaying soon. This shot pertains to our joint project with the graphic design majors. 012709_chef

On the 26th we were given an assignment to find an advertisement  to recreate within a 5 hour time frame. The assignment was to see how we could handle a short time farm like the ones we would encounter in a real world situation. Pre visualization was the key to producing a well rounded product shot. 012709

Crunk flash 2


Crunk flash 1


Another Client

Another one from 15 minutes to shoot. It’s a little hot, but I was going for a more blown out look.laynepost

Client 1

Our first assignment for our commercial class was to shoot a tethered shot of a dessert. I enjoy the selective focus that is often used in food photography. I shot with a phase one digital back at f.4 using two small soft boxes. davis_client1